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Are you in search of reliable vehicle maintenance and repair services in Wellington? Our mechanical workshop is the answer! We are %100 NZ owned local business. Our team of highly-skilled experts specializes in mechanical repairs and auto electrical work, ensuring that your car, SUV, van, or truck is in safe hands. We take immense pride in delivering exceptional service, from your initial inquiry to the completion of your vehicle's repairs. Our comprehensive automotive services include routine vehicle servicing, engine repairs, exhaust and muffler replacements, brake repairs, cambelt replacements, transmission repairs, clutch replacements, suspension and steering repairs, battery replacements, charging system repairs, automotive heating and AC repairs, OBD diagnostics, and engine check-ups. Rest assured, your vehicle will receive top-notch maintenance and service under our care!

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At Alpine Auto, we deliver a top-notch vehicle service that covers all the crucial maintenance areas of your car. We are committed to providing a high-quality service that goes beyond just an oil change and filter replacement. 

Maintaining your car's transmission is vital for smooth running. If you notice strange noises, shifting difficulties, or gear slipping, have it checked.

When it comes to maintaining your vehicle, one of the most important parts to consider is the braking system. Regular brake service is essential for ensuring that your vehicle can stop safely and effectively when you need it to. 

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Suspension & Steering

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If your car is having issues like overheating, radiator leakage, or water pump failure, we can help! Our team has the skills and tools needed to diagnose and fix your cooling system.

We handle it all - bushings, ball joints, sway bar links, steering racks, power steering pumps and fluid flushes, shocks and struts replacements, lowering and raising vehicles.

We carry out automotive electrical work, Diagnostic scans,  warning dash lights, lighting problems, SRS airbags, ABS, EBS, charging systems and batteries.

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We are the experts in all things automotive AC. From simple regas to custom AC systems for classic cars, we are the go-to choice for all your AC needs. No matter the make or model, if it has wheels and AC, we can handle it with confidence and expertise.

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Exhaust & Mufflers

For all your exhaust needs, we offer repairs, replacements, and custom installations including mufflers, catalytic converters, oxygen sensors, exhaust manifolds, and performance headers.


By removing carbon deposits, you can experience improved fuel efficiency, allowing you to go further on each tank of gas. Additionally, engine detox can restore lost power and responsiveness, making your driving experience smoother and more enjoyable.


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