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Engine Carbon Cleaning Wellington

Is your car experiencing a lack of power, rough idling, or poor engine performance? One of the possible culprits could be carbon buildup in the engine and exhaust. In such a scenario, a carbon clean can prove to be an effective remedy to improve engine operation. It's a low-cost, value-for-money process that doesn't require any disassembly of the engine. Our carbon cleaning procedure removes the carbon buildup from your engine within just one hour, potentially optimizing its performance. This service is particularly beneficial for Euro cars, direct-injected vehicles, and diesel cars and trucks. So, if you want to improve your car's engine performance, don't hesitate to book your car by filling out the form below.


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Opening Hours:
MONDAY - Saturday:
7:00 AM - 7:00 PM
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2/13 School Rd, Kaiwharawhara
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