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At Alpine Auto, we offer a wide range of automotive services that meet all your needs. Our team of experts provides you with the best service you deserve. We use modern technology and advanced tools to ensure your vehicle is in good hands. Whether you need routine maintenance, brake repairs, or engine check-ups, we are here to help. As a trusted automotive machine shop, we provide quality service at competitive prices. Contact us today to schedule an appointment and experience the difference.

Car Mechanic

Basic Oil and Filter service 

  • Replace engine oil, up to 6L  

  • Replace engine oil filter, up to $30 

  • Check and set tyres pressures and spare

  • Check brake pads

  • Top-up windscreen washer fluid 

  • Check air filter 

  • Reset service/maintenance light
    (subject to tooling/data availability)

Car Engine Parts

Premium Service From 

  • Replace engine oil, up to 6L  

  • Replace engine oil filter, up to $35

  • Check and set tyres pressures

  • Check brake pads and rotors

  • Lubricate doors, locks and trunk hinges 

  • Road test, up to 50km/hr 

  • Check headlights, tail lights and indicators 

  • Check ECL and warning lights 

  • Clear fault codes (subject to tooling/data availability)

  • Check windscreen washer tank, pump, hoses and nozzles operation and 

     wiper blade condition 

  • Check drive belts condition and tension 

  • Top-up windscreen washer fluid 

  • Check air filter  (if directly accessible)

  • Check cabin air filter (if directly accessible) 

  • Check HVAC system 

  • Check and top-up cooling system

  • Check and top-up brake fluid 

  • Check and top-up clutch fluid  

  • Test battery and terminals health 

  • Test alternator and charging system 

  • Rotate tyres (if needed)

  • Reset service/maintenance light(subject to tooling/data availability)

  • *BONUS Engine Oil Flush worth $50​, helps free up sticky valve lifters, cleans and removes sludge, dirt and varnish, provides a cleaner environment for new oil and
    helps extend engine life, keeps oil strainer and pick-up clean and heps new oil stay cleaner for longer. Also,

- Better performance

- Superior fuel economy

- Reduced emissions

- Longer engine life

Car Parts

Other services

  • Brake pads & rotors

  • Brake fluid flush

  • Transmission servicing

  • Clutch Replacement

  • Suspension and steering

  • OBD Diagnostics and scan

  • Engine Check-ups

  • Electrical repairs

  • Cooling system servicing and flush

  • Heater core flush

  • Power steering flush

  • CV boots

  • Air Condition re-gas

  • Cambelts

  • Exhaust and mufflers

  • Car batteries


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